Jasmine Ringo

Bridal Team Airbrush


Bridal Team Airbrush

The Bridal team airbrush was designed just for your team. A way to give consistent across the board education so your entire team is working in unison when taking a bridal party on. Everyone will airbrush to perfection with zero issues, providing all the clients with a stream lined look and experience. Having two artists work side by side on a team job and working very differently can have negative results on the overall look and feel not only for the team but the clients will absolutely see the difference. With this workshop, we aim to make this a unifying workshop and elevate every single artist, with no one feeling left out or behind. 

What you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of bridal airbrushing
  • Etiquette with your clients
  • Troubleshooting with equipment and products
  • A variety of products, Silicone, Water and Alcohol based and when and how to use them
  • Technique to master a full face application - once you start, we will never touch the skin again
  • Equipment, what is kit friendly and what will give you longstanding results
  • Business of bridal - how to market your bridal services and give consistent results for multiple clients in the same group
  • Team work, how to maximize a bridal airbrush team and be known in your region for your new skills

Cost: $350 each artist

*Model required. Lunch provided. Workshop typically runs 9:30-4pm. Working makeup kit required. Airbrush machine required. Product provided. Need a machine? Let us know in the form:

Up to 4 artist per workshop. Have more than 4? Let us know in the Inquiry form: