Makeup Charity Raffle


Makeup Charity Raffle


The idea to create a charity raffle came to me when I was cleaning up my makeup room and realized I have so much product. Surely too much to handle on my own and while I could gift to the endless people who would love it, I thought it would be way better to give back. So I organized this makeup charity raffle to pull in money and give to an organization we chose. Check out what's available below!


The Prize Pack:


Yup that's right! There are FIVE winners in all!

BODY PAINTING KIT - Large kit glitters used for body detailing, body paint creams, pure pigments, stencil tact spray to help hold stencils to the body, hair color spray in white.

SPECIAL FX KIT - Two foam latex prosthetics - half skull face, one evil forehead, one large bald cap, one pros aide transfer zombie wound, Dermablend FX silicone glitters, MAKE UP FOR EVER sculpting flesh, plasto wax for dark skin and clown white.

AIRBRUSH GUN - Iwata Eclipse HP-CS gravity feed airbrush gun

BEAUTY KIT - Two Anastasia makeup palettes, one for lip, brush cleanser, multiple variety of glitters, shadows, foundation palette filled with MAKE UP FOR EVER Pan Stick foundations, Dermablend primer, Angle brush, multiple powders for light and dark skin, Skindinavia primer spray, a stack of 100 black dental bibs for your makeup station, gold retractable lip brush by Sonia Roselli, MAC paint pot and limited edition lipstick, plus so much more! Everything come inside a large vinyl MAKE UP FOR EVER makeup bag!

THE MAKEUP LIGHT 1.0 - That's right, THE makeup light. For one lucky winner.



When you click to donate, you will automatically donate $5. This enters you into the raffle one time. If you would like to donate more, you will have to donate through this button each time, this allows me to keep track of how many entries are logged. It's kind of a pain in the butt for you if you want to donate more than $5, but it helps break down how many entires, so we can pick a winner for each category, which will happen live on my Facebook and Instagram!

Please note that since I set this up through PayPal for the most ease, PayPal does take 45 cents for every $5 dollars. I thought about changing this, but it was the most efficient way to gather donations and entries. At the end of the day, all proceeds are going to our charity of choice, so that's all that matters!


I did a voting option when I first decided to do this charity raffle in my Instagram story. There I gave a list of 4 charities and we ended up coming down to this one:

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.11.29 PM.png

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You can read all about them HERE.

I'm thrilled with the choice, as this is something I have dealt with closely in my family and I heard all your stories and how happy you were for this choice too! I hope we can really impact some change with our donation.


I want to give you a huge thank you to helping me help others. I am so inspired constantly by those around me and this amazing world we live in. If I can take my extras, and help give and save lives, then I owe it to you for being here and doing it with me!


I would love to hit the $1500 mark, which is the retail value of all these prizes combined. As of right now (2/12/18) we are at the $460 mark. I would love to push this to $1,000 if we can. So please SHARE this page, and any related posts. Who wouldn't want to enjoy these prize packs and giving $5 of theirs to have save lives? I know we can make a difference!


We made a total of $535, just shy about $1k of our goal. While That was shooting high, I am so happy we were able to raise that much and donate to our charity! I hope to do many more of these in the future and celebrate giving back in a unique way.

Jasmine Ringo