Jasmine Ringo


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Photography/Retouch: Jasmine Ringo for The Makeup Collective

Instagram: @Jasmine.ringo @the.makeup.collective

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Makeup Critique:

Overall I feel like you did great. I do remember you choosing an editorial look. This makeup is definitely not that and is 100% beauty/commercial. It’s super naked and transparent. Refer back to the Collaborate page and see the collection for the editorial here.

Editorial would have a specific focus like a gold triangle painted in the center of her face, or wild custom build lashes and a dripping lip.

So looking over this model some things need to be addressed, such as her space from lash line to brows. It’s massive. She also wears her eyelids heavy, so nearly every look she took had this real “bedroom eyes” kind of vibe. Which is fine, can work great, but did you want that for every look?

She could benefit with a nice lash to help close up some of that space, or more shaping with creams and contours. Her brows also needed a lot more filling and definition. Lips looked great, but she had her Invisalign in, so make note to look for things like that next time. As a model, that’s their responsibility, but considering we didn’t hire these models, it can happen.

Her skin was fairly normal for a high def shoot, she was textured and needed some evening out. This is where maybe a bit more coverage that held radiance like we are already getting, could help. I loved seeing her freckles, but could have given more coverage in other areas.

Now take this a run! Turning on that detailed eye is all that’s going to happen here and you’ll be so thankful for it. Next time you’re shooting, ask them to zoom in on eye, lips, etc so you can see how things are looking at a hyper detail area.

Hope you enjoyed the experience as much as I did!


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