Jasmine Ringo


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Photography/Retouch: Jasmine Ringo for The Makeup Collective

Instagram: @Jasmine.ringo @the.makeup.collective

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Makeup Review

I have to admit, this was a challenge to edit. Knowing that you have a very specific look and feel that was worlds away from the other artists. However, I loved it! It’s true to your character creations, and something you wanted to showcase. I would next time, challenge you to do a really commercial beauty look.

So as you can see we shot this pretty moody, so I selectively brought up the exposure in some areas. Lifted her eyes and lips. The overall makeup was good for an all over white wash which can easily texture the skin like crazy. Not in this case, so keep that formula you created handy for future similar work.

Her blush was a bit blotchy so I evened that out. Her lower lip line was a bit off on the edge so I cleaned that as well. Eyes looked great, brows looked great. So now it’s all in the finer details. Sharpening your eye like razors to get those areas clean as a whistle.

Next time you shoot with someone, ask them to zoom in one specific areas, like the eyes, lips, contour, etc. So you can see the hyper detail and fix immediately.

Overall, amazing! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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