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The Airbrush Workshop

Atlanta - June 10 & 11

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A two day, hands on experience.

The Airbrush Workshop aims for one thing: to help you be ultimately in control of your airbrushing skills. We want everyone who wishes to add airbrushing services to their arsenal, to feel the most successful and increase their clientele and job aspects.

In this two-day experience we will get our hands dirty. You will be confident in your equipment, your product choices and how awesome you make your clients feel. You will be able to confidently tackle airbrush beauty makeup and some extra special techniques to allow you to branch into editorial, character, special FX and more! Let's break it down:


Day One:

Beauty is the theme and the heartbeat to all makeup. In this day we will focus on making you successful in the following:

  • The equipment - a variety of options ranging from compact and cordless to beastly and robust. You determine what will work for you
  • The formulas - we will make our own airbrush formulas and review a range of the best products on the market
  • The technique - We have some secrets up our sleeve, the ultimate techniques to get you working faster, smarter and more efficiently
  • Troubleshooting - of course it wouldn't be learning if you didn't learn how to fix the most common mistakes, know them all
  • Etiquette - the concern you should have every time you go to airbrush a human. They'll love you from this alone.
  • The Makeup - the creme de la creme - the full face application in all it's glory. 

Day Two:

Advanced learning to master the skill that is airbrush. In this day we will focus on making you successful in the following:

  • The fine detail - a selection of skills to get you creating an HD, 4K, 8K look.
  • The surprise skills - added extra pieces of revolutionary technology to create unreal looks that benefit all makeups in current film/tv
  • Go big - we take it to the body, creating larger shapes and forms to quickly design the characters of you or your clients desire
  • FX skills - yes now we play with all those incredible looks that only the skills can get you jobs for
  • The makeup - a fully realized character that utilized all skills of the day



Yes we have some little requirements so you can get the most out of your educational experience.

  • Fundamental knowledge in beauty makeup with a current makeup kit - (range of foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, eye and lip liners, lipsticks, etc. Must include sanitary tools like makeup remover, sanitizer, disposables like q-tips, mascara wands, cotton rounds. Brushes, etc.)
  • A current airbrush gun. Don't have one? Don't fret, we can rent one for you, please make note and email me about this below.
  • Have a current machine? Please bring so I can get you feeling awesome with it, or if you don't have one, great! Learn which will be awesome for you!
  • A model. We prefer you bringing a guine pig to practice on instead of doing makeup on each other. This allows for more time playing with the airbrush and getting the support and help you need.

That's it! Everything else is provided! We will have product, cleansers, extra special goodies and the facility for you to make the most out of your time learning.

How Much?

Great question! The cost is a value to you and specifically chosen for this special style workshop. Because we don't require you to bring or purchase a machine, we provide everything! Minus your small makeup kit and model. 

One day $200

Both days $350

Chose one or chose both! Just remember you will get THE most out of the two day experience, but we know choices are AWESOME!

Use CODE: JASMINE at checkout to get the combo price and save $50!

Need to rent an airbrush gun or have questions?


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Non-refundable, non-transferable. All workshops come rain or shine unless act of God prevents.