Jasmine Ringo



I guess this is the part where I have to talk about myself. I find it hard to be an artist, and then have to celebrate and talk about myself. I’d rather talk about you.

So In a nutshell here is me:

I’ve been working in the makeup industry since 2004.

I am a highly trained educator and makeup artist, traveling globally and educating for prestigious makeup brands. Trained by NBC in public and on camera speaking.

Starred in 2 seasons of SYFY’s Face Off reality special FX game show, season 9 and All Stars season.

Won the first episode of SYFY’s spinoff show Game Face (pictured right).

Due to my public appearance on these shows, I have been a little pigeonholed in special FX work, however I am an avid beauty artist and shoot a lot of beauty work. This will be a new addition to my company The Makeup Collective.

I specialize in airbrush education and include it as an option for all my services with no additional up-charge.

Video games are fun, cats are my jam, and sometimes I wish I could re-do my wedding with the invention of Pinterest. That site is so great.

Oh I love Harry Potter - but don’t let that confuse you, I’m a pretty serious nerd.

We relocated to Atlanta for the booming work and haven’t been disappointed.

Now let me make you fall in love with my art.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 9.25.56 PM.png